Pic de Fon

Pic de Fon

Simandou is a world class mining project located in the South-East of the Republic of Guinea. It is the largest integrated iron ore mine and infrastructure project ever developed in Africa, providing a huge opportunity to transform Guinea.

The project is developed by Rio Tinto in partnership with the Government of Guinea, Chalco and the World Bank's International Finance Corporation (IFC). The holder of the mining concession and project company is Simfer S.A., held by Rio Tinto (53%) and Chalco (47%); the remaining 5% being held by the IFC.

The Simandou project comprises three core elements: a mine, a railway and a port plus associated infrastructure.

  • Mine: Open pit mines located at Pic de Fon and Oueleba. Approximately 6-8km long, 1-1.5km wide and 300m deep. Together they offer over 2.4 billion tonnes of high grade ore.
  • Rail: Around 670km of track across ten prefectures.

  • Port: Pioneering marine offloading facility and ore export terminal to be built on the Morebeya River in the Forécariah prefecture.
  • Infrastructure: Associated non-process infrastructure includes water supply, power plants, accommodation camps, airstrips, fuel storage and access roads.

The mine and the infrastructure will be developed as two separate projects. The mine will be developed by Simfer S.A. (see partnership structure) and the infrastructure will be outsourced to a third party consortium that will fund, build and own the multi-user rail and port infrastructure.

The project includes three stages: preliminary works (underway), the construction of the mine, rail and port infrastructure and the ore extraction.

Rio Tinto develops the Simandou project in respect with the highest standards of health, safety, sustainable development, environment and governance.

Rio Tinto is one of the largest mining companies in the world which provides technical expertise and a strong commitment to sustainable development based on the experience of more than 65,000 employees operating in over 65 countries worldwide.

To date, more than US$3 billion have been invested in the Simandou project. Of this amount, approximately US$2 billion has been allocated to mine-related costs and US$1 billion to infrastructure requirements. More than US$50 million have been spent on public infrastructure projects and a large number of socio-economic projects across Guinea.